4 Reasons You Should Tend To Your Fences Right Now


Virtually all properties need fencing, and if you’re in a rural area or running a farm, fencing isn’t just a necessity—it’s an ongoing expense.

That’s why most property owners leave it until it’s way past time to replace their fencing. But if you’ve got rotting wooden posts, rusted or broken wire, or gaps in your netting, you could be endangering your livestock, and risking fines—both of which will cost you more money in the long run.

There are lots of reasons you should get to your fencing jobs right now, and you’ll be surprised both how affordable it is, and how much of your valuable income it could save you.

Keep the feral animals out

Pigs, in particular, are known to destroy fences, damage crops, contaminate water reservoirs, erode soil, and spread disease. They also prey on infant livestock and native animals, and they have a heavy impact on the natural environment. Rabbits are long known to be devastating for Australian farms, consuming feed, crops, and indigenous plants that erode ground cover.

Although some methods are effective, culling is often very expensive, and choosing the right kind of fencing can prevent a lot of their damage.Whether it’s secure fencing to prevent livestock from entering unprotected areas where they could be attacked, or fencing designed to curb invasions of specific feral animals, putting in the time and effort now could save you loads in lost livestock or crops.

Feral animals cost Australian farmers hundreds of million dollars every year. In Queensland, we’re constantly contending with them, and they could be anything from goats, foxes and pigs, to feral cats and dogs.

Keep your livestock in

There are a few special considerations when it comes to maintaining appropriate fencing for your livestock.

Different animals will respond to different barriers, so combining physical and visual barriers will often be effective.

Cows, in particular, need fencing suited to their size and habits—which are usually barbed or high tensile wire.
When a cow has an itch, it will usually scratch it on the fence.

Which can cause the wire to bow and posts to fall if they’re not durable enough. One solution is to use electric fencing, which is sometimes more economical than using barbed or plain wire—and it will last a long time if it’s installed properly.

High tensile wire can be used for electric fencing, and it’s strong: it’ll withstand extreme weather & temperature changes, as well as the impact of the heavy weight of livestock pushing on it.

A small extra cost can save you a lot in the long run:

Investing in the expense of installing a gate can save you destroying and replacing an entire length of fence when your animals have found or made an escape hole—because they’ll walk through a gate but they won’t walk back through a small break in the fence.



Keep your pets safe

This is particularly important for dogs, especially if they’re still in the puppy phase and aren’t completely trained. Dogs can be killed in traffic, trampled by livestock, or kill poultry and other small domestic and native animals. Farm dogs that are trained to manage sheep and cattle can also be dangerous to small animals and children, so it’s important to ensure your fencing is adequate to prevent grievous or costly harm from happening.

Fabricated netting is suitable for pets, particularly welded wire for dogs and animal runs, and puppy wire specially designed for small dogs. Installing gates in your fencing is also a good idea, to allow easy access in and out, particularly for larger breeds of dogs. And if you’re keeping poultry or other birds, chicken wire and aviary wire can help to secure your coops and give your birds a safe space in the fresh air to move and forage.


Keep unwanted visitors off your property

We all like to believe we’re living among people like us—honest, trustworthy, and full of goodwill.

Trespassing could involve theft of valuable tools, equipment or animals from your home or farm, vandalism, or illegal hunting or fishing on your property.

It’s even possible in some circumstances that you could be held liable for any

Trespassing for any number of reasons is an unfortunate reality, and maintaining secure fencing can secure your family’s safety and safeguard your income.

accidents that happen on your property, whether the person was invited or not.

Besides signposting warnings of danger and trespassing, the right fencing can also help keep your property safe and secure.

Whether it’s tall timber fencing, barbed wire or electric fencing, a thoroughly fenced property will go a long way to deterring trespassers.

At Gleam O’Dawn, we specialise in rural fencing, dog and puppy fencing, and electrical fencing systems. We’ve got a great range of materials and consumables to help with constructing and maintaining fences on your property—along with loads of experienced advice to help you get the best long-term results for your work. 


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