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    Spring Grazing Nutrition

    With Spring on the approach, common ailments such as laminitis will start to be a concern. Make sure you’re checking on your horse to ensure their digestive health is as positive as it possibly can be.

    Horses are constant grazers and although this is a healthy habit, there are some concerns that you need to monitor during spring, to ensure your horse is as healthy as it is happy.





    Proper horse diet

    The microbial mix and pH of the hindgut varies in response to the horses diet. Dysbiosis (imbalance) of this microbiome can result anytime fructan levels in pasture increase or when large quantities of carbohydrates are fed. In research trials, EquiShure®, a KER-exclusive time-released hindgut buffer, prevented the drastic drop in hindgut pH associated with high d-lactate production resulting from rapid starch and sugar fermentation after sudden pasture access or a large grain meal.

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     Ulcer management strategy

    Research has shown that as many as 90% of horses in training have some level of stomach damage. Neigh-Lox® contains a combination of rapidly acting antacids, capable of neutralising the amount of gastric acid typically produced over a six-hour period. Recommend Neigh-Lox as part of your customers ulcer management strategy.

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    Research-proven pellet

    You know (and recommend) Triacton as a research-proven pelleted supplement designed to bone density – but did you know it’s marine derived calcium source is also an effective gastric and hindgut buffer. Recent studies at Kentucky Equine Research, have shown that omeprazole (used in Ulcer treatment) use can reduce calcium digestibility by 20%. However, the greater digestibility of the calcium in KER BMC combined with its greater solubility at higher pH means that KER BMC is less affected by omeprazole than traditional calcium sources such as limestone.

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    Barastock Poultry

    September is national chook health month and thus to keep your egg-laying machines in full functioning order, you need to make sure their diets are right!

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    Allure of Azaleas

    When it comes to flowering shrubs, it’s difficult not to be stopped in your tracks by the ravaging beauty of an Azalea in full bloom during Spring.

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    EqNC Premium Horse Licks & Bites in Store!

    EqNC Premium Horse Lick and Bites, a highly mineralised supplements formulated to put the health of your horse first, is formulated specifically for Australian conditions and produced in Australia, to meet the paddocked horse’s daily needs.

    Advantages of the EqNC Premium Horse Lick Block and Bites:

    • scientifically researched formulation, specifically for horses;
    • providing a minimum of 50% of the horse’s daily mineral requirements, with the remainder
    • being obtained from the roughage provided (e.g. hay, grass);
    • high levels of vital vitamins and amino acids;
    • safe for laminitic and EMS prone horses (max of 5% molasses);
    • free of FEI restricted materials;


    Looking at the formulation of the block and bites, the base ingredient is a product called Dried Distillers Grain (DDG). DDG is the by-product from the distilling process in the alcohol or ethanol production.

    The wheat and barley grains are heat treated and fermented, using microbes similar to those found in the hindgut of the horse for over 30 hours. It is then re-heat treated to produce a grain-based product, which is highly palatable, yet low in both sugars and starch. It is high in microbial protein and contains a good level of fat.

    Consequently, the EqNC Premium Horse Lick Block and Bites provide good energy, high quality protein, low sugars and starch, and a premium amount of minerals and vitamins with the added benefit of essential amino acids.

    For more information, come on down to our store or check out the EqNC website: www.eqnc.com.au