Barastock Poultry

September is national chook health month and thus to keep your egg-laying machines in full functioning order, you need to make sure their diets are right!

September is national chook health month and we know first and foremost the importance of keeping your chickens happy and healthy. When it comes to chickens, their gut health is primary to ensuring they stay productive. Barstool’s Golden Yolk contains a prebiotic and probiotic specifically formulated for poultry. It assists them in absorbing the nutrients from their food, which not only means a healthier hen with a greater resistance to intestinal diseases and parasites, but also better eggs.

This year, you can take part in the 30-Day Happy Hen Challenge. Around spring, hens egg laying tends to pick up, which is known as their ‘spring flush’. Sign up for our challenge, and you’ll receive a free trial pack of Golden Yolk to get you started.


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