Delicious Passionfruit

delicious passionfruitHang on to the taste of summer by growing your own passionfruit vine. If you act now you can be picking fruit next summer!

If you’re a fruit lover, then passionfruit vines are a must-have for you! They are abundant producers capable of providing two main crops of delicious fruit a year – a summer crop that’s borne from spring flowers and, in warmer climates, a winter crop that follows autumn flowers. Passionfruit can be eaten fresh right off the vine, used to flavour desserts and drinks with its pulp, and can be easily frozen to be kept and supplied at a later date.

The vines are also fast growing with a lush, deep green foliage and beautiful flowers that make them ideal for creating a bit of privacy to a space or covering a pergola to provide shade to the area. Passionfruit vines are also quick to crop too! You can expect the first fruit to produce within 12 months of planting in warmer areas, or a little longer in cooler, marginal areas.

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