Drought of Flood Proof Gardens

Trans Tank International fire protectionThe Bureau of Meteorology predicts a La Niña weather pattern for this Summer, and as many Australians know, we prepare for all varying weather events which may eventuate. Here are some tips to flood or drought proof your garden.

Start with improving the soil

If the soil is health and full of rich composted nutrients, garden plants will tolerate extreme fluctuations in weather much better. It also helps to plant them in a free draining, open structure.

Improve the soil at the beginning of Summer with good quality organic matter, such as 5 IN 1 Organic Fertiliser. This will improve any soil type, helping to condition it and increase water holding capacity but allowing free drainage. It is easier to improve the soil before planting, but soil can also be improved on established gardens by applying a layer of fertiliser over the soil under mulch.

Read more on how to weather-proof your garden here.

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