Essential Fig Tree Growing


Growing figs trees in Australia is rewarding due to their plump and juicy offerings and minimal ‘fuss’ care requirements. The ornamental tree compliments planting in traditional gardens, as well as large containers. To grow care free productive fig trees, follow these steps:
Growing Fabulous Figs

Growing Fruit Trees in pots is easy

Fruit trees are one of the most productive plants to grow in backyards and they are not limited to big backyards. Fruit trees can be easily grown in large pots and kept close to the house for easy picking. Here are some essential growing requirements to grow fruit trees in pots and containers:
How to Grow Fruit Trees in Pots

Heart warming Fig Crumble Dessert

Fig trees delight gardeners every year with their abundant crops and easy to care for growing habits. This makes them one of the most rewarding fruit trees to grow in backyards. Warm the soul with this yummy, warm crumble pie alternative made with freshly picked figs:
Fig Crumble Dessert Recipe


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