Feeding for Calm behaviour

essential elementsIf you have a horse that tends to be ‘hot and fizzy’ it is important to firstly identify what may be causing this behaviour. It is important to take a holistic approach to your horse’s behaviour, there is no denying the importance of good experiences and training in promoting balanced behaviour; we need to remember that horses are prey animals and any association with a negative or stressful experience may affect their future behaviour in a similar situation.

There is also no denying the effect that general management, health, and nutrition can have on a horse’s behaviour, simple things like an ill-fitting saddle or overfeeding can result in hot and fizzy behaviour. While there is a myriad of potential causes of hot and fizzy behaviour ranging from pain, ulcers, tying up, training, experience, and nutrition that can and should be considered. Pryde’s EasiFeed discusses nutritional management to help promote calm behaviour in horses with 6 key steps.

  1. Base your horse’s diet on forage
  2. Feed extruded grains in small meals
  3. Don’t overfeed
  4. Adjust the diet for rest days
  5. Cut out grain if all else fails

Visit the Pryde’s EasiFeed website for more information here.

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