Feeding The Ageing Horse This Winter

Our horses tend to struggle the most in periods of extreme temperatures.

So, in summer, but especially in winter. Your horse may lose condition, thinning and losing both muscle and fat.

This happens due to those extreme cold temperatures where your horse is expending energy to keep themselves warm. The more fat and muscle they lose, the more energy needs to be expended.

Tips for getting your older horse through winter:

  • Feed plenty of forage
  • Use supplementary feeds
  • Consider using an energy dense supplement
  • Rug your horse

Monitor other reasons for weight loss

Handy Hint: if your horse is older and has lost weight this winter, consider increasing their forage intake to 2 per cent of their body weight per day. As an example, that would be 10kg of forage a day for a 500kg horse.

Learn more about feeding your ageing horse in winter here.

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