Hot Nights Planting Chillies

hot chillisWith our multicultural taste palette, it’s not surprising that the chilli has become one of our most popular spices. Considering how easy and cheap chillies are to grow, why not grow your own?

Chillies are at their best during the warmer months of the year and tend to sulk a bit if the winter gets too cold. If the region is very hot, semi shade can be preferable for the plants, but generally the sun is best for chilli cultivation. As with most fruiting plants, chillies need nutrient-rich soil in order to bear a good crop of fruit. Planting chillies in Searles Herb & Vegetable Specialty Mix will give them a great start and all they need for healthy produce.



Chillies Varieties

Heat rating ranges from 1–10, with 10 being the hottest

  • Anaheim: 2 (for the timid)
  • Jalapeño: 5
  • Purple delight: 6
  • Siam: 6
  • Cayenne: 7
  • Bell: 7 (and so ornamental)
  • Thai Rainbow: 7 (great in pots)
  • Birdseye: 9
  • Habanero and Tepin: 10+ (for the diehards!)

Even if you’re not chilli-crazy and not a big fan of eating them, the plants are still worth growing for their ornamental value alone. Chillies ass a fantastic splash of colour to your vegetable or herb garden and can also thrive when grown in pots. Chillies are guaranteed to brighten any sunny verandah. So spice up your life today and become a chilli grower.

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