Keeping Poultry 101

Your step by step guide to keeping chickens at home


Keeping chooks can be an enjoyable activity for your family, even when you’re living in suburban Brisbane. Chooks can be kept as pets, for their fresh eggs, and as a meat source. They are also great for sustainability: they will eat your kitchen scraps, and give you a nutrient-rich manure you can use for composting and fertilising your garden.

There are a few factors to take into account when taking care of chooks in your Brisbane backyard, including which breeds can tolerate the Queensland weather, the types of housing and nesting equipment they will need, and the types of feed they will need to thrive in the warm climate. Gleam O’Dawn can give you comprehensive information on poultry and poultry care products, so call us or drop in at any time for help with these fantastic pets.

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