Apart from the feed and hay items you would normally associate with a produce store, Gleam O’ Dawn also stocks a wide and varied range of products for personal, household and stock management use.


Rodent control

  • tomcat bait blocks, glue boards
  • wire cages
  • wooden rat and mouse traps
  • reusable plastic rat and mice traps
  • raccumin
  • talon
  • baits in small packets and larger buckets
  • bait station


  • omo and euca bulk laundry powder concentrates for top and front loaders
  • 5ltr palmolive diswashing liquid
  • 5 ltr domestos
  • gallagher long lasting pegs


  • liquid chlorine in 5ltr and 15ltr
  • hydrocloric acid 5 ltr

Composting Systems

Fly Control

  • fly trap systems and baits

Snake Repeller

  • Raidar snake defence – solar

Storage bins

  • plastic and galvanised in various sizes to suit storage of animal feed 
  • tuff tubs



  • Postmix and rapidset

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