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Searles Lawn Top Dressing

An exceptional fine screened blend to assist in levelling lawns, improving lawn soils, building strong root systems & revitalising lawn appearance.

Searles Premium Top Dressing is a high quality blend of composted natural and organic ingredients, including fertiliser, fine loam and dressing sand to produce an excellent lawn top dressing. Performance is boosted with:

  • 3 month Robust Lawn Booster Fertiliser. For strong controlled release of nutrients.
  • Contains Penetraide Re-wetting granules for deeper water penetration & long term re-wetting to resist dry out.
  • Iron boosted for deep green lawns.
  • Fine particle size. Refined and sieved blend with added sand to settle down to lawn roots easily.
  • Contains minerals for encouraging stronger, deeper lawn root development.

Searles Planting Mix

Searles Premium Planting Mix is an exceptional garden planting mix for new plants and improving existing gardens. Suitable for vegetable and flower gardens, shrub and tree planting, building new gardens, adding to existing garden beds, herb growing, top dressing lawns and laying turf. Either plant straight into this mix or mix with existing soil in garden beds. Water well immediately after application.

This product is designed as a garden soil planting mix for use in garden beds and raised beds. This product is not recommended for use in pots and containers.

NOTE: This product may not be suitable for planting some phosphorous sensitive native and proteacous plants. For these plants, use Searles Native Plant Mix.

Searles Premium Planting Mix is a high quality blend of composted natural and organic ingredients including fertiliser, organic compost and fine loam to produce an excellent garden planting mix. Performance is boosted with:

  • 6 month Controlled Release Fertiliser for strong controlled release of nutrients.
  • Penetraide Re-Wetting Granules – contains re-wetting granules for enhanced water efficiency & long term re-wetting to resist dryout.
  • Iron boosted for deep foliage greening.
  • Biostimulants – Beneficial microbes to improve plant health & growth.
  • Specific planting formula developed to ensure new plants will establish and grow quickly.

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