• 11Oct

    How to grow, plant and fertilise mangoes

    One of the first fruits which come to mind when we think of summer is the fleshy, juicy mango with its golden sunny flesh tempting us. If you have a little room in your back garden, you won’t be disappointed planting one of these divine trees and raiding its offerings. Planting Plant young mango trees… Read more »

  • 11Oct

    Bulbs to plant in spring

    When it comes to bulbs many think of daffodils, freesia, and ranunculus but there is so much more to bulbs than the winter flowering varieties. To get reoccurring colour in your garden, bulbs are a very underrated plant.  They are easy to plant, require little fuss, and will return each year with brilliant colours. There are… Read more »

  • 11Oct

    Growing strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, mulberries

    It is one of life’s simple pleasures to walk about in your garden in the warmer months and notice rich juicy berries ready for picking. For most, the temptation is too great and they are consumed right there and then. Growing Strawberries There’s nothing better than the sweet flavour of home-grown strawberries! Loved by children… Read more »

  • 11Oct

    Vegetables for small spaces

    For great space-saving ideas, try growing smaller varieties of tomatoes in hanging baskets or hang a vertical garden. Tomatoes in hanging baskets For a great space-saving and novel idea, try growing a smaller variety of tomatoes in hanging baskets. Growing tomatoes in pots and even hanging baskets is a great way to control their sunlight… Read more »

  • 06Oct

    Nutrition Tips for Horses Grazing High Oxalate Pastures

    Ensuring our horses are obtaining the correct nutrients to prevent disease can be both worrying and daunting. In this article we cover the role of calcium, the importance of a correct calcium to phosphorus ratio and a correct calcium to oxalate ratio and how to achieve them. We hope you find it helpful for choosing… Read more »

  • 06Oct

    How to mange your ‘Easy Keeper’ horse this Spring

    Almost every horse owner has had experience with or knows of a horse or more likely a pony that is an ‘easy keeper’ or ‘good doer.’ Those that tend to either become overweight easily or seem to require fewer calories than most to maintain their weight. It is theorised that easy keepers have inherited genetic… Read more »

  • 03Sep

    Float Into Spring With CRT

    Go into the running to win a Kara Kar 2HAL Deluxe Horse Float or an Engel 45L Fridge-Freezer. How to enter? Find your nearest participating CRT store at www.crt.com.au/equine2021 During the Promotion Period, purchase or make multiple purchases to the value of $50 in-store on any equine product/s from the participating suppliers’ range. Fill out… Read more »

  • 02Sep

    Compliments: Better Earth Product Combinations

    Spring is here, and we’re launching our 2021 Spring Compliments Campaign. Featuring 6 fantastic Better Earth Product Combinations. Get to know our 2021 Compliments Pairings   ORGANIC HARVEST   One of the most rewarding parts of home gardening is simply being able to walk outside to pick some fresh herbs for your Sunday roast, or… Read more »

  • 02Sep

    Nutrition Tips for the Broodmare & Breeding Stallion

    There is no doubt that nutrition plays a critical role during the breeding season with broodmares and stallions requiring the correct amounts of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals for their own maintenance, to optimise fertility and for the development of the fetus and foal. Ensuring these requirements are met does not need to be complicated…. Read more »

  • 27Aug

    Win A Year’s Worth Of Barastoc Poultry Feed

    September is National Chook Health Month! As part of the celebration we’re giving poultry owners the opportunity to win a year’s worth of Barastoc Poultry feed*. When it comes to taking care of backyard chickens, they give back what you put in. While it might be tempting to think that your flock will be able… Read more »