• 17Sep

    Spring Grazing Nutrition

    With Spring on the approach, common ailments such as laminitis will start to be a concern. Make sure you’re checking on your horse to ensure their digestive health is as positive as it possibly can be. Horses are constant grazers and although this is a healthy habit, there are some concerns that you need to… Read more »

  • 17Sep

    Barastock Poultry

    September is national chook health month and thus to keep your egg-laying machines in full functioning order, you need to make sure their diets are right!

  • 17Sep

    Allure of Azaleas

    When it comes to flowering shrubs, it’s difficult not to be stopped in your tracks by the ravaging beauty of an Azalea in full bloom during Spring.

  • 17Aug

    EqNC Premium Horse Licks & Bites in Store!

    EqNC Premium Horse Lick and Bites, a highly mineralised supplements formulated to put the health of your horse first, is formulated specifically for Australian conditions and produced in Australia, to meet the paddocked horse’s daily needs. Advantages of the EqNC Premium Horse Lick Block and Bites: scientifically researched formulation, specifically for horses; providing a minimum… Read more »

  • 06Aug

    Growing Winter herbs, veggies and fruits

    Not sure what produce will grow in your garden this Winter? This temperate zone planting guide from about the garden is the perfect tool! It’s so easy, just locate your zone on the map and discover what will flourish in your garden this Winter. For more in-depth advice on what to plant and how to… Read more »

  • 06Aug

    What flowers should you grow this Winter?

    Want your garden to look great but you’re not sure what flowers will grow well for you this Winter? Use this super handy guide from about the garden to select your region and discover the amazing colours you can experience in your garden this Winter. For more in-depth advice on what to plant and how… Read more »

  • 10Jun

    Caring for your horse this Winter

    Winter is quickly approaching. The time of year many horse owner’s dread with limited daylight hours for riding, feeding horses in the dark and changing the management of our horses. It is also the time of year that we may see changes to our horses’ condition, usually a decrease in weight.

  • 10Jun

    Fast growing Winter veggies

    Have fast growing veggies for harvesting within several weeks. Here is a list of veggies to start your productive crop.

  • 14May

    Winter mulching

    The cooler weather is here- is your garden ready? 

Blanketing your garden in a layer of mulch is a great way to protect your soil and precious plant roots from extremes of temperature like the cold. We’ve got a range of Rocky Point’s garden mulches in store now, perfect to keep any garden protected… They… Read more »

  • 09Apr

    Growing Fabulous Figs

    Not only are Figs excellent eating straight from the tree, they also make a great addition to any garden. Whether your garden is formal or informal, they are highly ornamental and ideal for growing conditions in most parts of Australia. Here’s some tips on how to get the most out of the Figs in your… Read more »