• 14Oct
    Bidens Goldilocks Rocks and Campfires.


    Bidens (Bidens ferulifolia) can flower right through the year when in warmer areas, flowering larger and longer compared to some other varieties available. While Bidens ‘Goldilocks Rocks’ blooms bright yellow flowers on soft, fern-like foilage, Bidens ‘Campire’ sets your garden alight with their flame bi-coloured flowers in orange and yellow. They grow best in full… Read more »

  • 14Oct
    Brighten up your space with caladiums.

    Caladium Kaleidoscope

    Brighten up your indoor space with the vibrant colours of caladiums! Also known as the ‘Bleeding hearts’, caladiums (caladium bicolour) are a bright group of gorgeous tropical bulbs that bring a burst of colour to any space. Emerging in the warmth of spring and summer, caladiums need to be placed in dappled light to shady… Read more »

  • 13Oct
    Tips to controlling Fungus Gnats

    Unwanted House Guests

    How to control those tiny black flying insects that buzz about in small groups around your indoor plants.

  • 13Oct
    See how to grow blueberries

    How To Grow Blueberries

    Continue to fertilise blueberries as they are forming during Spring to get a delicious and bountiful harvest.

  • 29Sep

    Fruit Flies

    Fruit Fly are ready for take off… If you grow apples, pears, citrus, figs, stone fruit, tomatoes, capsicum and even chillies, then you will be cursing fruit fly very soon. If no control is attempted, the devastation will surely follow!

  • 29Sep

    Spring Garden Colour & Foliage Now

    Check out the plants that are blooming this season and will bring colour to your garden.

  • 29Sep

    Veggie Protection

    Protect the harvest you have been nurturing from chewing insects.

  • 29Sep

    Pulp Passion

    Even if you have limited garden space, a passionfruit vine can provide not only two delicious fruit crops a year but also beautiful, shiny green foliage and breathtakingly ornamental, purple and white flowers. All this in a vertical growing space!

  • 29Sep

    Succulent ‘Spring Lovin’

    In spring, many succulents are starting to put on growth and flower for us. Treat them with a liquid feed of Searles Flourish Cacti & Succulent to encourage their best show.

  • 29Sep

    Salvias ‘Rockin’

    All ‘Rockin’ Salvias never stop flowering, making them a great show stopper in formal and informal plantings, patio and terrace plantings and large pots.