• 11Sep
    Spring flowers - Garden Supplies Brisbane - Gleam O' Dawn Rural Store

    Find out about the perfect spring fertiliser (Active 8)

    Spring has arrived, flowers are starting to bloom and it’s time for you to start planting your edible gardens for summer. If you want to know more about gardening at this time of year, check out our article springtime gardening for fruit and veggies. An important aspect of gardening is fertilising, so we are here… Read more »

  • 29Aug
    edible garden - Garden Supplies Brisbane - Gleam O' Dawn Rural Store

    Springtime gardening for fruit and veges

    It’s been a warm winter in Brisbane this year, and with the warmer weather already approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what to plant for spring and summer. If you haven’t already started your preparation, you might consider leaving aside the flowers and opting for an edible garden instead—besides keeping your garden tended and… Read more »

  • 07Aug
    Samford show beef cattle exhibiton - Gleam O'Dawn rural suppliers

    Gleam O’Dawn at the Samford Show

    If you didn’t make it to this year’s Samford Show, you’ll be sorry to know you missed a bumper celebration. With the largest display of stud beef cattle yet, the staff at Gleam O’Dawn are very pleased to have been sponsors for such a successful competition. For the first time ever, over one hundred cattle… Read more »

  • 18Jul
    LPG for heating - Rural Store Supplies - Gleam O' Dawn Rural Store

    Taking the edge off winter with LPG: gas appliances to warm your home

    Winter is descending on Brisbane right now, which means it’s a good time to think about how you’re going to take the edge off the cold when it really sets in. For many Brisbane homeowners, relying on electric heating, cooking and hot water is the answer—and it’s usually reflected in the big electricity bills they… Read more »

  • 21Apr
    If your pet gets tick - Rural Store Supplies - Gleam O' Dawn Rural Store

    What to do if your pet gets a tick

    Ticks are common along the east coast of Australia, and Brisbane’s warm climate is especially attractive to them. There’s still a few months of heat left before the seasons turn, which means it’s still important to think about protecting your pets from these nasty little critters. Most pet owners know about paralysis ticks because of… Read more »

  • 09Jan
    Horse eating hay - Horse Supplies Brisbane - Gleam O' Dawn Rural Store

    What to look for in hay: it’s not all about the colour

    Despite having a naturally large appetite, some horses can be surprisingly fussy when it comes to their feed. They may even snub the offering if it’s not to their taste, which is why it’s important to choose the right type for the animal—both their health and their temperament depend on it. One of the more… Read more »

  • 12Oct
    Birds - Garden Supplies Brisbane - Gleam O' Dawn Rural Store

    Aussie Backyard Bird Count!

    Reminder that the Aussie Backyard Bird Count starts next week(17-23 October 2016). You will not only get to know your feathered neighbours, but also contribute vital information to help see how Australian birds are faring. All you need to do is record the number of birds you see, download the app or submit your count… Read more »

  • 18Aug
    Fig - Produce Stores Brisbane - Gleam O' Dawn Rural Store

    Essential Fig Tree Growing

    Growing figs trees in Australia is rewarding due to their plump and juicy offerings and minimal ‘fuss’ care requirements. The ornamental tree compliments planting in traditional gardens, as well as large containers. To grow care free productive fig trees, follow these steps: Growing Fabulous Figs Growing Fruit Trees in pots is easy

  • 21Jun
    Winner of 10000 PBL Horse FLoat - Farm Supplies Brisbane - Gleam O' Dawn Rural Store

    Winner of the $10000 PBL horse float

    A three month long promotion by six separate CRT members scattered throughout South East Queensland was concluded on Thursday June 2 when the winner of a $10000 PBL horse float was drawn at the CRT stand at the Toowoomba Farmfest.. The winner, Mr Tony Shehan from Beenleigh, was the successful ticket holder out of more… Read more »

  • 14Jun
    three horses - Farm Supplies Brisbane - Gleam O' Dawn Rural Store

    5 Ways to Improve Health and Wellbeing of Your Horse This Competition Season

        Grooming     Feeding   Health But a horse that has worms, illnesses or infections, or nutritional deficiencies will obviously not show well either. It’s important to keep your horse’s health as a priority all year, and not just as show time—good health depends on regular vaccines, medication and supplements as they need… Read more »