• 14Apr

    How to Grow Beans

    With most of the hot weather behind us, start your succession crop of beans early Autumn for many months of continuous harvesting. Whether you grow dwarf varieties in pots or have a whole garden patch of climbing beans, they are an easy-to-grow productive crop. Plant in nutrient-rich soil boosted with Searles Premium Organic Compost. To… Read more »

  • 14Apr

    Coastal Plants for Australian Gardens

    Coastal gardening can be challenging, but a little research and advice from your local garden centre staff will go a long way in creating a successful garden. There are several factors that need to be considered before selecting your plants. 1. Coastal Soil Type No matter where you live, knowing your soil type is a… Read more »

  • 22Mar

    Essential Elements

    At times during your plant’s life, an imbalance of essential trace elements may occur, and we sometimes can’t determine why. Restoring the balance can help alleviate some potential plant health issues linked to trace element deficiencies. Your plant may be deficient in one particular nutrient or in a combination of nutrients. When there is a… Read more »

  • 22Mar
    Protect floors

    Protect Your Floors

    Soil and moisture from pot plants can create problems if they come in contact with flooring, especially over long periods. You should be able to buy pot trays and plastic shields to protect your floor from moisture, abrasion and spillages from indoor plants from your garden centre. Plastic shields are made from barely visible, transparent… Read more »

  • 22Mar
    White dancing ladies

    White Dancing Ladies

    Gaura are easy to grow and complement many different Australian garden styles across most climatic zones, which makes them very popular perennials. As known as ‘Lillipop™ Soda Pop’, Gaura is versatile and can grow equally well in sunny gardens, garden pots and larger baskets. Wands of butterfly-like pure white flowers bloom on the fresh green… Read more »

  • 12Mar

    Garlic Time

    It’s super exciting growing your own garlic and autumn is the peak planting time. Follow our tips to get the best results! Garlic, or allium sativum, has been grown for thousands of years for its strong flavour and is a staple ingredient to most cuisine today. Aside from the great flabour it adds to your… Read more »

  • 12Mar

    Spring Bulb Mania

    If you’re a lover of daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and all the other wonderful spring flowering bulbs then now’s the time to act. Spring flowering bulbs are super easy to grow and one of the best delights of gardening due to the vibrant array of colours! Who can resist the happy face of a bright yellow… Read more »

  • 12Mar

    Dragon Tail Magic

    Here’s another must have plant for your indoor collection – the irresistible dragon tail! Dragon tail, or Epipremnum Pinnatum, is a native plant that once you see, you will definitely want to add to your indoor space due to it’s interesting leaves. When the plants are young, the leaves are glossy and elliptical but as… Read more »

  • 12Mar

    Delicious Passionfruit

    Hang on to the taste of summer by growing your own passionfruit vine. If you act now you can be picking fruit next summer! If you’re a fruit lover, then passionfruit vines are a must-have for you! They are abundant producers capable of providing two main crops of delicious fruit a year – a summer… Read more »

  • 04Mar

    Autumn Edibles

    Autumn herb, fruit and vegetables planting guide by regional zone. Do you want to know what herbs, fruits or vegetables you can expect to grow in your garden during the Autumn months? We’ve grabbed the Regional Zone Planting Guide from About The Garden to make it easy for you locate your zone on the map… Read more »