• 18Dec

    Lovin’ Lomandras

    Lomandras are a wonderfully versatile plant that look great whether planted as a feature plant in your garden bed or mass planted. They’re tough as boots and even come even smaller sizes that are perfect for pots. Time to add this Aussie native to your wish list! Find out more about: How to grow lomandra… Read more »

  • 18Dec

    Heavenly Gardenias

    The gardenia plant can be challenging for many gardeners, but if you know what you’re doing then the scent of those heavenly gardenia blooms on a warm evening makes it all worth it! Luckily we’ve got all the answer for how to deal with yellowing leaves and pesky pests so your gardenias will thrive. Find… Read more »

  • 18Dec

    Fantastic Fittonia

    Make your indoor plant collection with some fittonia and their funky foliage. But we warn you – you can never just stop at one…Soon you will have gathered a whole collection of fittonias! Find out more about: How to grow fittonia Fertilising and maintenance of fittonia Propagating fittonia Pests and disease of fittonia Read more… Read more »

  • 18Dec

    Brilliant Daylilies

    Need a little something to brighten up the garden, but want something that doesn’t need too much care? Look no further than the daylily! They come in a huge range of colours an with edible flowers, it’s hard to go past this vibrant plant. Find out more about: How to grow daylilies Maintenance, pruning and… Read more »

  • 18Dec

    Tasty Peanuts

    Ridiculously easy to grow and super tasty? You must be talking about Peanuts! Now is the perfect time to plant peanuts, they don’t take up much space and love warm weather. So, the sooner you get them, the sooner you will be harvesting! Learn more on: How to grow peanuts Sowing Guide for Peanuts Fertilising… Read more »

  • 18Dec

    Growing Hydrangeas

    Magical Revolution is a game-changer for hydrangeas both indoors and outdoors. Bring your garden into your home with this fantastic revolution for gardeners and home decorators. Flowering continuously for up to 150 days with a magical colour transformation from pastel pink or blue, through to deep burgundy, this is a plant that really performs –… Read more »

  • 18Dec

    Summer Lovin’ Capsicum

    The warmer months of the year is the time to plant capsicums. They require the heat to enable their fruit to ripen. Capsicums are highly ornamental and make ideal pot companions on sunny patios. Plant them in pots filled with Searles Herb & Vegetable Specialty Mix for months of healthy growth. Water regularly to aid… Read more »

  • 10Dec

    Summer Rose Care

    Roses are prone to more pests and diseases in sultry summer weather. It is important to maintain a regular check on blackspot which loves hot humid weather. Maintain moisture levels and increase watering especially during hot, dry conditions. Don’t prune rose branches heavily during summer. Wait until the hottest part of the summer is over…. Read more »

  • 10Dec

    Drought of Flood Proof Gardens

    The Bureau of Meteorology predicts a La Niña weather pattern for this Summer, and as many Australians know, we prepare for all varying weather events which may eventuate. Here are some tips to flood or drought proof your garden. Start with improving the soil If the soil is health and full of rich composted nutrients,… Read more »

  • 07Dec

    Protect your property with TTi

    Protect your property from any fire with TTi’s fire fighting equipment. TTi hold the largest selection of fire fighting kits, slip-on ute packs, trailer units, portable fire fighting units, fire fighting knapsacks and fire fighting accessories. Their fire fighting units are made for rapid response. All tanks are made from durable UV stabilised polyethylene material… Read more »