Pulp Passion

Even if you have limited garden space, a passionfruit vine can provide not only two delicious fruit crops a year but also beautiful, shiny green foliage and breathtakingly ornamental, purple and white flowers. All this in a vertical growing space!

Passionfruit require ample room and a strong structure for support. Fences, pergolas, trellises and chook runs all make great support structures. In preparing the soil for planting, be aware that passionfruit must have excellent drainage and need plenty of organic matter such as 5 IN 1 Organic Fertiliser dug into the soil to supply these hungry feeders with rich nutrients.

The best time of year to plant out your vines is between October and April. Once planted, water in well and mulch thickly with lucerne or sugarcane mulch to protect their shallow roots from dry out and temperature fluctuations. Make sure your chosen position is in full sun and is protected from strong winds and frost. Passionfruit vines are most productive and healthy in their first 3 to 5 years of life, after which time they should be replaced with new vines.

Water regularly for better fruit production and fertilise during the growing season with Seamless Fruit & Citrus Food to ensure your vine has adequate nutrients for successful cropping.

Passionfruit has a large root run, so extend your watering and fertilising out to the far edges of their root boundary. Don’t limit your attention to just the base of the trunk.

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