Salvias ‘Rockin’

All ‘Rockin’ Salvias never stop flowering, making them a great show stopper in formal and informal plantings, patio and terrace plantings and large pots.

In mixed garden plantings they hold their own with their large plume like heads of bracts shining like beacons amongst the shrubs around them.

They are hardy in most situations liking strong light to grow and flower to their best. They send up flower spikes all year long in warmer areas but have a slowdown in cooler climates. Once established, they are somewhat drought tolerant. Their upright flowers and foliage will need some protection from strong winds.


They like a well-draining but fertile soil and need to be kept moist to encourage more flowers. A garden or pot in full sun to part shade is best suited to growing ‘Rockin’ Salvias. You can prune to desired size at any time of the year in warmer areas. Particularly when young, pinching off the plants encourages more bracts and flowers. An application of Searles Flourish Flowers & Foliage Soluble Plant Food a couple of times a year will encourage better flowering and foliage.

Look out for these ‘Rockin’ bloomers at your local gardening outlet.

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