EqNC Premium Horse Lick Block

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NEW, available in store NOW: EqNC Premium Horse Lick Block!

Why choose the EqNC Premium Lick Block?

  • One of the healthiest equine lick blocks currently on the market;
  • Scientifically researched formulation;
  • Providing a minimum of 50% of the horse’s daily mineral requirement;
  • High level of vital vitamins and amino acids;
  • Safe for laminitic and EMS prone horses;
  • Free off FEI restricted materials;
  • Australian made for Australian conditions.

Prydes EasiGoing

easiRide $27.95 / 20kg bag & easiGoing $28.95 / 20kg bag

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Whole Earth Dog Feed

Introductory price of $89.95

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Fiber Fresh

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