Summer Scents

summer scentsOne of the most loved of all summer flowering trees is the frangipani (plumeria sp.).

The frangipani has alluring perfume and beautiful, tropical-style foliage. It grows to heights of 4 metres and brings the feel of a tropical island resort right to your backyard. It flowers throughout the summer and is unperturbed by the heat. Frangipanis come in an assortment of colours, and the further north you live, the greater the colour range and variety there is to choose from in the plant! These handsome trees, when covered in their clusters of white, yellow, pink or bicoloured flowers, create welcome shade and are safe to plant relatively close to the home or entertainment area.

Good drainage is essential as plumeria detest wet conditions. Frangipani rust is new to home gardens, so remove any fallen leaves around the base of the plant and bin them to help prevent this problem. Prevention is better than cure, so a monthly application (from January onwards) of either Searles Copper Oxychloride or Searles Mancozeb Plus on the undersides of foliage can help reduce the outbreak of this fungal disease/

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