Unwanted House Guests

Tips to controlling Fungus GnatsHow to control those tiny black flying insects that buzz about in small groups around your indoor plants.

Ever wondered exactly what those small black insects are buzzing around your plants? They are known as Fungus Gnats. Part of the Sciaroidea family, as adults they can be quite annoying, invading your house in large numbers. However, it is their larvae that do the most damage to plant’s roots. In their adult form they lay hundreds of eggs at a time in the plants’ soil, which hatch into white worm-like larvae with black heads, wreaking havoc on your plants by feeding on the roots and soft stems, which seriously weaken a plant’s ability to survive. The life cycle of a Fungus Gnat from egg to adult is just three weeks.

How to detect larvae presence

There are a couple of tell tale signs of larvae presence. Gently dig around the soil of your plant and check for evidence of the worm-like creature. You can sometimes find a silvery shiny trail left behind by them on the top layer of potting mix, similar to that of slugs and snails.

Tips to controlling Fungus Gnats

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