Introducing Vibrac’s Horse Health Hub

Vibrac's Horse Health HubIntroducing Horse Health Hub – the one place where you can find information for the care of your horse.

Vibrac’s website offers a whole new customer experience through its Horse Health Hub information platform. With over 40 years of experience in animal health, leading products and experts in the field, Vibrac understand horse health. They stay on top of the latest research to keep you informed – like creating best practice guidelines and protocols for sustainable worming in horses with the support of our valued veterinarians.

The simple navigation makes it easy to find what you are looking for. It’s not about simply sell a product, although they do have some globally recognised best in class ones, their number one focus is to ensure every horse is at its peak health, and every owner gets the enjoyment they seek from the investment they make.

Check out the below view on hor Horse Health Hub works and enjoy the ride.

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