White Dancing Ladies

dancing white ladiesGaura are easy to grow and complement many different Australian garden styles across most climatic zones, which makes them very popular perennials.

As known as ‘Lillipop™ Soda Pop’, Gaura is versatile and can grow equally well in sunny gardens, garden pots and larger baskets. Wands of butterfly-like pure white flowers bloom on the fresh green foliage in abundance during Spring, Summer and Autumn. The flowers dance in any wind that blows, creating a truly delightful effect.

They are excellent in containers around patios, on terraces and barbeque areas, or sunny garden borders. In sunny areas, plant Gaura in nutrient-rich and free-draining soil. Having mulch around the plant and regularly watering it will encourage great performance from this plant for the first few years. After this time, the established Gaura should require very little water. Prune back if looking shabby to encourage more flowers to develop!

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